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Forests with Exceptional Conservation value

Pennsylvania’s forest landowners are stewards not only of the trees growing on their woodlands, but also of the other plants and animals that live there. As a good steward, it’s important for them to have a thorough knowledge of their forest. This knowledge should include an awareness of the plant and animal species found on the property - particularly those that are designated "imperiled, critically imperiled, threatened or endangered." Landowners must understand how their forest management activities may impact these species. Forests with exceptional conservational value (FECV) include areas with critically imperiled and imperiled species and communities. Protecting forests with exceptional conservation value is part of implementing sustainable forestry.


Critically imperiled (G1) or imperiled (G2) species (or ecological communities) are globally rare, or because of some factor(s), especially vulnerable to extinction. They are designated as imperiled or critically imperiled by non-government organizations such as NatureServe (and its constituent Natural Heritage programs) or the IUCN (The World Conservation Organization). Threatened and endangered species are listed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service the Federal Endangered Species Act and may be also listed under state laws; however, these species may or may not be listed as critically imperiled or imperiled globally.

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