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Certification is a voluntary process that recognizes well managed forests. The management practices of a certified forest are evaluated by independent third-party auditors based on the standards of a certification system. The benefits of having lands certified include both recognition of the landowner's efforts to practice forestry in an environmentally responsible manner and access to markets which seek wood from certified forests.

Certified SFI Program Participants believe forest landowners have an important stewardship responsibility and a commitment to society, and they recognize the importance of maintaining viable commercial, family forest, and conservation forest land bases. They support sustainable forestry practices on forestland they manage, and promote it on other lands. They support efforts to protect private property rights, and to help all private landowners manage their forestland sustainably. In keeping with this responsibility, SFI Program Participants are committed to upholding the Principles and Objectives of the SFI Program Standard.

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The American Tree Farm System (ATFS) is the oldest and largest woodland certification system in the United States for small family forests. ATFS has a forest certification standard that applies to small landowners in the United States. It requires that private forest landowners develop a management plan based on strict environmental standards and pass an inspection by an ATFS inspecting forester. ATFS is endorsed by the Programme for the Certification of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC). The SFI program recognizes fiber from any standard operating in North America that endorsed by PEFC, which means fiber from ATFS-certified forests can be counted as certified content for SFI label use.

The Pennsylvania SIC encourages non-industrial private forest landowners to enroll in the ATFS. Participating in ATFS is a good way to obtain information, education, and networking opportunities on sustainable forest management. To learn more about the ATFS, visit:


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