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Pennsylvania's Professional Timber Harvesters

Pennsylvania’s professional timber harvesting workforce serves an essential role in ensuring the sustainability of our state’s forest resources. Each day they operate as the boots on the ground, carrying out the critical management activities that sustain our forests and supply our forest products industry. There is no other link in the wood fiber supply chain that has as much of a direct impact on the management of our state’s forests. As such, timber harvesters in Pennsylvania are vital stewards of our forestlands.
At the same time, Pennsylvania’s timber harvesters also clock in each morning to one of the country’s most hazardous occupations; with a fatality rate more than 30 times higher than the national average. The tools and equipment essential to the job pose hazards wherever they are used and even more so when dangerous environmental conditions common to harvesting job sites such as rough terrain, inclement weather, and remote work locations are factored in. The nature of the work requires that timber harvesters repeatedly contend with massive weights and unforgiving momentums of falling, rolling, and sliding trees and logs. Safety should always be in the forefront of their mind and the chief goal of every one of their operations.
The fact that more than 7,000 individuals have participated in the Pennsylvania SFI® Professional Timber Harvester Training Program demonstrates that Pennsylvania’s SFI Qualified Logging Professionals take the safety and sustainability aspects of their industry very seriously. Well educated and prepared timber harvesters are critical to the management of Pennsylvania's forests. The resources included on this website are designed to supplement the PA SFI Professional Timber Harvester Training Program and provide a one-stop shop for the tools and information that are critical to Pennsylvania’s timber harvesting workforce.

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