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Chainsaw accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and your PPE may be the only thing between your body and a powerful cutting chain spinning at 60-90 feet per second, or a falling limb. Employers are required by OSHA to provide, at no cost to the employee, adequate PPE for assigned tasks. PPE Includes:

  • Hand Protection
    • Required for employees handling wire rope
  • Cut-resistant leg protection
    • Should meet or exceed ASTM F1414 standard
    • Should be replaced if inner materials are cut or torn
  • Head protection
    • Should be labeled to meet ANSI Z89.1-1969
    • OSHA Directive STD 01-06-005, dated June 20, 1994 grants religious exemption for hard hats, but employers must still instruct these employees about overhead hazards.
  • Foot protection
    • Should meet or exceed ASTM F1458 standard
    • Employers are not required to provide boots to employees, but must ensure they are worn
  • Eye & Face protection
    • Must be labeled to meet ANSI Z87.1-1968
    • Employees do not need to wear separate eye protection where face protection covers both, unless conditions require it.

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The Game of Logging is a world-renowned chainsaw training course that was first developed by a Swedish logger named Soren Eriksson in the 1960s to increase attention to safety and reduce logging injuries. The serious “game” combines education with variety, repetition, hands-on practice and a bit of competitive spirit.

This training consists of four levels and a specialized Storm Damage training. The program covers safety apparel and hazard assessment, developing a plan for felling trees to include handling leaners and other problem situations, identifying and handling overhead hazards, planning escape routes, controlling notch size and hinge thickness, and proper felling techniques. All levels must be taken sequentially, ideally with at least 2 months in between levels to give participants the opportunity to practice what they have learned. Once an individual completes levels 1 and 2, they are eligible to take Storm Damage training.

Game of Logging Level 1 is a core training requirement of the PA SFI Professional Timber Harvester Training Program.

Soren Eriksson's Game of Logging

Register for GOL training courses offered through PA SFI

Additional GOL Resources

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Regular inspection and maintenance of chainsaw equipment ensures that it will operate in a safe and efficient manner and lengthens it's operational life. At a minimum, inspections should be conducted before initial use during each work shift. Chainsaws should be maintained and adjusted in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

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The chainsaw is one of the most efficient and productive portable power tools used in the industry. It can also be one of the most dangerous. If you learn to operate it properly and maintain the saw in good working condition, you can avoid injury as well as be more productive. Never attempt to use a chainsaw until you are familiar with its hazards, special safety requirements, and techniques. Always operate your chainsaw in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The following guidelines are not substitutes for proper training, experience, and common sense.

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A plan of some sort, no matter how simple, is crucial to accomplishing any task, and tree felling is no exception. In fact, given the inherent dangers and hazard of logging operations, the case can be made that planning is even more important and crucial to safe, efficient operations in the profession. Felling - getting an upright tree on the ground where you want it, when you want it, and in the manner you want it - cries out for some type of planning process. We reccomend the 5-Step Felling Plan.

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Bailey's - Wide variety of logging supplies. Usually will have some type of sale on bar and chain combo's with prices hard to beat.
Grand Forest, Inc.- They manufacture some of the best personal protective apparel in the US, marketed under the name of Swede Pro. They will custom make chaps or pants to fit anyone, short or tall, extra large or extra small.
Labonville, Inc. - Another manufacturer of top notch safety apparel.
Madsen's - Large variety of logging supplies, Madsen's Blue Ox wedges are the best wedges you can buy and the price is unbeatable. You can usually get hard to find items at Madsen's. They are known for their technical support and tips. They have people on hand to answer most any question that you may have.
Austin Farm Enterprises - Great place to buy Oregon saw chain. - A good place to buy arborist equipment, and top end safety apparel.

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